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The 2014 Site Update

Written 20 Jan 2014

It’s time for the 2014 site update! The big news is I have dumped Wordpress as my blogging software, again. In looking over my past posts, this is the second, if not the third, time I have dumped wordpress.

I switched to using Jekyll for blogging. Jekyll is a static site generator. Its hacker friendly, meaning it encourages modifying to suit ones need.

Being a static site generator means it will outperform wordpress, or any other database backed system. Of course, it’s not not like my site is so popular that is really a concern. :) Static site generators take your content, match it to an appropriate display template, and create the HTML files that will be served to visitors. A tradeoff here is if you want to change the look of the site, you have to regenerate all the files.

Jekyll requires no server-side components. You can do the entire installation on your personal computer, generate the site, then upload the static files to your web site. It can be a little tricky if you want to write from a tablet, but that can be worked out with a little creativity and custom coding (not much really).

So, right now my site looks like a generic jekyll site. At least until I get a personal design in place.