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Twittergation needed

Written 29 Dec 2008

Twitter went from being “why would I use this?” to “hmmm, look how many of my friends are using it” to “why doesn’t this integrate easily with anything I use?”

The closest is via SMS, but that can be costly for how often updates happen. What I would like to see:

  1. Better integration with current IM clients, especially the open source ones I use: kopete and adium
  2. Better integration with email clients - send an update via email for example

What I primarily want:

  1. Updates sent to what I am using ( e.g. my IM client when I’m logged in )
  2. Ease of sending a twitter update from what I am using ( see email example above )

All this of course means I’ll need to examine the Twitter API to see what I can do about resolving this.

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