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Linux 15 years on

Written 17 Sep 2010

This month marks the 15th anniversary of my foray into Linux. It all began with the mention of the word Linux on a BBS I frequented in Bisbee, Arizona (I lived in Douglas, Arizona at the time). Not long after that I chanced upon a book entitled “Using Linux.1” I bought the book and installed my first Linux distro: Slackware.

Over the years I’ve used many distros, and other operating systems. My current distro of choice is openSUSE, mainly because I prefer the KDE desktop and none of the Debian-derived distros have a KDE implementation I like.

One thing I still recall from 1994: my dial-up Internet connection was much faster in Linux than in Windows 3.11 or DOS (faster than in Windows 95 when I installed it the following year).

My chief problems with Linux in 1994? Drivers for my proprietary Sony CD-ROM drive. Lackluster performance of my video card in X Window.

My chief problems with Linux in 2010? Usability problems with setting up my mouse the way I want it. Inability to run OS X applications2 on Linux like I can with Windows Applications using wine. No one can decide on how sound should be handled.

  1. I’m actually not certain that was the title. All I really recall is the book was very thick and published by QUE

  2. There’s really only one application I want to run: omnifocus

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