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openSUSE equivalent of rc.local

Written 18 Sep 2010

On Red Hat systems (and possibly others) custom services and commands a user may want executed after other services in the runlevel have started may be added to /etc/rc.d/rc.local (more information in the RHEL Reference Guide; order of calling is given here).

What is the equivalent on an openSUSE system?

This is what I needed to know tonight. Unfortunately the answers I found told me to create a full-fledged init script. That seemed a lot of work simply to run one or two commands. Searching the openSUSE Wiki also resulted in no answers. Thank fully, after reading a few scripts ( /etc/inittab followed by /etc/rc.d/rc) I found the answer:


They provide a counterpart for commands that need to run before entering the runlevel:


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